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  • CineGuard - Anti-Piracy System


    Optishell's anti-piracy technology is being offered to Film Studios and Exhibitors as a method for detecting the illegal use of recording and streaming devices during pre-release screenings and regular movie showings in movie theatres. The system will detect the use of video camcorders, camera cell phones, or similar devices during the showing of a movie and its effectiveness can help prevent the unauthorized acquisition of the content.

    The system was developed with the support and funding of Motion Picture Laboratories Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)

    Acount - Audience Counting


    The Acount is an attendance system for counting the audience in an auditorium.

    The Acount make use of the ROSE200 technology which is an analytical solution that Optishell provides to the Cinema owners.

    It constantly monitors using image processing algorithms that count how many persons are watching the movie. All the auditoriums where the devices are installed are connected and monitored via a secured network.


    Aview - Auditorium Viewer


    The Theatre Panoramic View (Aview) gives the security guards the ability to surveilance the audience like a Night Vision" tool. The audience is illuminated with infrared light and the image obtained is by far better than that seen using the NVG (Night Vision Goggles). The view is from the front side ( and not from the side or the back of the audience , like when using Night Vision goggels).

    CineGuard - Mobile Set


    The mobile set is a stand along system that allows to use the CineGuard system in a temporary installation for premieres that are being projected in casual theatres.


        Control Room


    The Control Room consist, in the minimal configuration, of a server and a desktop display. In a wider configuration, the control room can be connected to a network of cinema rooms and complexes and one operator can control all of them simultaneously.
    The operator sitting in the room,(in either configuration), is able to receive the alerts that the CineGuard Device located in a cinema theater generates. Once an alert is received in the control room, the operator has to examine it and decides whether to approve it or no.
    The control room can be a local one for a small Cinema network owning only one complex, or theater. It can be a distant location, managing several complexes, of the same cinema network. And it can also be supplied as a service that is provided by Christie Digital, Optishell's partner.